Our brewery was designed with quality in mind. Our 15 barrel brew house was built here in the USA by Marks Design and Metalworks, located in Vancouver, Washington.

Heavy research led us to Marks Design because of their company profile, military friendly atmosphere, and positive customer testimonials. Marks Design uses all US made steel for their fabrication. While more expensive than foreign-made tanks, the quality pays for itself. As another brewer said to me, “what you spend on American made equipment, you’ll save in grey hair!” And he was absolutely right.

Even with great equipment, great care is necessary to make consistent, great beer. Consistency comes from attention to detail during the brewing and fermenting process, proper documentation, and..well, just a healthy love of good beer. At Taildragger Craft Beer, we have all that and more!

Dedication to our heroes is why we are here, and all our beers are made as a tribute to our military and first responders who help keep us safe. We hope you enjoy the beers we have created for you.