The Beers

Taildragger’s Warhawk (cream ale) IBU 17 Alc%5.8
This light and creamy ale will be what takes you from big brewery to craft brewery with one sip.


Taildragger’s 5G Pull (Belgian Wit) IBU 16 Alc% 5.2
​This spicy, white, wheat brew is light in color, with a complex coriander, citrus blend and low hops aroma.

Taildragger’s Show Your Stripes (Honey ale) IBU 5.8% white wheat beer with a beautiful haze and a crisp finish. This beer may be perfect for those just getting into craft beers.

Taildragger’s Chasing Tail (Amber Ale) IBU 28 Alc% 6.1
​A true American amber ale, copper in color, with a malty body that is tamed by the toasty flavor of roasted barley, keeping the sweetness in check.

Taildragger’s IFR (oatmeal stout NITRO) IBU 31 Alc%4.8
This dark toasted oat flavor has a smooth finish and a hearty bite. Easy to drink and could convert the pickiest of drinkers.

Taildragger’s Tuskegee Red Tails (Red Ale)  IBU 46 Alc% 5.5
​This easy to drink American Red Ale is deep red in color that comes to the nose like homemade biscuits. Malty, sweet beginning and a lightly hopped finish.


Taildragger’s Ray’s Gold (IPA) IBU 74  Alc% 6.5
​Hops is the dominant flavor here. A dark golden color, beautiful lacy head, pungent piney, citrus flavors and a clean after taste.

Taildragger’s Hop Snob (West Coast IPA) IBU 75 Alc%6.9
This beautiful straw colored brew has 5 varieties of hops introduced throughout the brewing process. Hoppy is not sufficient to describe the fantastic hop character this brew presents at the front of the mouth and back of tongue. Crisp and bold with just a bit of grapefruit in the dry finish.

Taildragger’s 300 Foot Steve (Free Style Ale) IBU 90 Alc% 7.5
​Taking a page from its namesake, this freestyle ale changes the rules. Dark brown color with a strong heavy head, bold sweetness of caramel and raisin, and a fantastically bitter hoppy finish.

Taildragger’s Clan-Destine Scottish Ale   IBU 21  6.8 ABV  2017 great American beer festival gold medal winner 
Creamy Bavarian dark wheat beer with pronounced clove, vanilla, banana, and nutmeg flavors.

Taildragger also offers a special selection of craft beers that may only be available for a certain amount of time.

Taildragger’s Tahelenbak (Munich Helles Lager) (Helles being the German word for Bright) (hangered)

B-24_Liberator_bomber_Nose_Art_Tahelenbak a B-24 Liberator Bomber WWII



Strawberry Bit@h – (strawberry blonde ale) –  IBU 17 Alc%5.8  Current

A light and crisp ale with a hint of strawberry and made with Mt Hood hops. This one is super refreshing and a very limited addition.

Taildragger’s Mad Props (Dunkelweized)  IBU 13 Alc% 5.0 (Hangered)
Creamy Bavarian dark wheat beer with pronounced clove, vanilla, banana, and nutmeg flavors.

Taildragger’s Wild Blue Yonder (Blueberry IPA) IBU 74 Alc% 6.5
Less hoppiness than the IPA, this pale ale is bold and crisp.Ever present nose and taste of mild blueberry and A clean taste with a beautiful nose and presents a good balance between hops and malt.(Hangered)

Taildragger’s Problem Child (DIPA) 8.4% ABC 89IBU 

Quad City Quad  (Belgian Quad) 10% ABV 23 IBU (barrel aging lets check back in a year)(start April 2016)(being Oak/Bourbon aged)

Mr Fusion (Lemon Shandy) 4.5ABV 15 IBU (Hangered)

Taildragger’s 6-4-3 (session IPA) 4.8% ABV 55 IBU Brewed for Goodyear Ball Park.(Hangered until Spring Training)

Touch & Go –( Session I.P.A.) – IBU’s 50 – Alc % 4.7 (Hangered)

This delicious session ale was brewed with fresh Arizona grapefruit and a blend of Nugget, Cascade, and Amarillo hops. The high level of citrus and grapefruit is balanced out with just the right amount of caramel malt. Touch & Go is a very drinkable 4.7% alcohol. So whether you are hanging by the pool or drinking at the brewery, this crisp summer ale is sure to please.

Vintage – (English Brown Ale) – 5.1% Abv – 21 IBU’s  Vintage is a full bodied English Brown ale with flavor and aroma characteristics of bread and biscuits with a malty sweetness.  Hop bitterness and aroma are very low.

Taildragger’s The Edge (Pale Ale) IBU 42 Alc% 4.8 (Hangered)
Less hoppiness than the IPA, this pale ale is bold and crisp. A clean taste with a beautiful nose and presents a good balance between hops and malt. (Hangered)

Taildragger’s The Red Eye (coffee stout)(hangered until a small batch is made for periodical release) IBU 31 Alc% 4.8
This dark toasted oat along with a beautiful coffee, vanilla aroma and flavor. It what you really want to drink to start your day and lets face it, end your day as well.(Hangered)

Toasted Pecan Doppelbock, (holiday ale) 9%ABV  24IBU

a 65 day aged bock with a subtle but ever present pecan flavor.

Taildragger’s Oktoberfest (seasonal lager) Oktoberfest Lager – Alc% 5.5 – IBUs 25(Hangered Until September 2017)

Oktoberfest beer symbolically captures the autumnal shift of seasons. The bright copper-orange color comes from the use of toasted Vienna and Munich varieties of malted barley.  The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavor, and a clean dry finish, with subtle German noble hop characteristics. (hangered Until Sept 2016)